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Installation instructions for Xtables-addons

Xtables-addons uses the well-known configure(autotools) infrastructure
in combination with the kernel's Kbuild system.

	$ ./configure
	$ make
	# make install

Supported configurations for this release

	* iptables >= 1.4.5

	* kernel-devel >= 3.7
	  with prepared build/output directory
	  - CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_MARK enabled =y or as module (=m)
	  - CONFIG_CONNECTOR y/m if you wish to receive userspace
	    notifications from pknock through netlink/connector

(Use xtables-addons-1.x if you need support for Linux < 3.7.)

Selecting extensions

You can edit the "mconfig" file to select what modules to build and
install. By default, all modules are enabled.

Configuring and compiling

./configure [options]


	Deactivate building kernel modules, and just do userspace parts.


	Specifies the path to the kernel build output directory. We need
	it for building the kernel extensions. It defaults to
	/lib/modules/$(running version)/build, which usually points to
	the right directory. (If not, you need to install something.)

	For RPM building, it should be /usr/src/linux-obj/...
	or whatever location the distro makes use of.


	Specifies the path to where the newly built extensions should
	be installed when `make install` is run. The default is to
	use the same path that Xtables/iptables modules use, as
	determined by `pkg-config xtables --variable xtlibdir`.
	Thus, this option normally does NOT need to be specified
	anymore, even if your distribution put modules in a strange

If you want to enable debugging, use

	./configure CFLAGS="-ggdb3 -O0"

(-O0 is used to turn off instruction reordering, which makes debugging
much easier.)

To make use of a libxtables that is not in the default path, either

  a) append the location of the pkg-config files like:


     (Assuming that files have been installed)

  b) override the pkg-config variables, for example:

	./configure libxtables_CFLAGS="-I../iptables/include" \
		libxtables_LIBS="-L../iptables/.libs \
			-Wl,-rpath,../iptables/.libs -lxtables"

     (Use this in case you wish to use it without having to
     run `make install`. This is because the libxtables.pc pkgconfig
     file in ../iptables would already point to e.g. /usr/local.)

Build-time options

V= controls the verbosity of make commands.
V=0	"silent" (output filename)
V=1	"verbose" (entire gcc command line)

Note to distribution packagers

Except for --with-kbuild, distributions should not have a need to
supply any other flags (besides --prefix=/usr and perhaps
--libdir=/usr/lib64, etc.) to configure when all prerequired packages
are installed. If iptables-devel is installed, necessary headers should
already be in /usr/include, so that overriding PKG_CONFIG_PATH,
libxtables_CFLAGS and libxtables_LIBS variables should not be needed.

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