Usage of external CSS for Syntax Highlighting

  • Lars

    Lars - 2011-09-21


    I started using XSLT syntax highlighting and I'm very much impressed with the results. Thanks you.

    One thing I would like to use differently is the usage of an external CSS file for the syntax highlighting. Currently the CSS is inlined with the HTML code. Ideally for me the HTML should use divs with the existing class attributes so that I select the styling of the coding myself in the external CSS file.

    Is such an option available or planned?

    Best regards, Lars

    P.S. I tried to open an issue but it did not show up. Sorry, if this is just a delay and if I double-posed.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't know in which context you use XSLTHL, but you can map elements in xslthl:* namespace to any markup, including just spans with different class values to create hooks for external CSS.

  • Lars

    Lars - 2011-09-21

    Thanks. I'm using XSLTHL in the creation of HTML from Docbook sources via XSLT. Is the customization possible in this context?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks. Looks easy enough.

    Great solution. Thanks again.


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