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XSLTForms 1.0RC2 release

Support for all browsers recent versions. Improved event management. Included XForms 2.0 features: AVT, property, @iterate, dialog.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2014-02-22

Now used in real applications !

XSLTForms is now used in real applications ! Recent commits due to small bugs fixing.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2009-08-20

Big SVN activity for XSLTForms

The next release of XSLTForms is coming soon...

Have a look at the SVN repository for a preview : inline elements (compare it to XForms Mozilla extension rendering !), more core functions,...

Posted by Alain Couthures 2009-04-20

Beta version released

CSS and schema partial support.
Many bugs fixed.
Tested with W3C XForms test suite : http://www.agencexml.com/xforms-tests/testsuite/XForms1.1/Edition1/driverPages/html/

Posted by Alain Couthures 2009-02-03

Tests with W3C Test Suite

Tests in progress with W3C Test Suite.

CSS minimal support and schema support available soon.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2009-01-15

Tests with XForms Tutorial and Cookbook

Testing the examples in XForms Tutorial and Cookbook (http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/XForms written by Dan McCreary) is very useful to fix bugs in XSLT or Javascript parts.

More and more test pages at http://www.agencexml.com/xsltforms

Posted by Alain Couthures 2008-12-16

Alpha version released

Time to use it in the wild wild world

Posted by Alain Couthures 2008-11-27

Pre-Alpha version ready

First partial version of XSL stylesheet is enough for testing with browsers : IE, FireFix and Safari are OK. Loading time is good.

Ajaxforms bugs still present...

There is a nasty bug in Opera XSLT engine.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2008-10-30

XPath expressions analysis

Converting XPath expressions to javascript is started : LocationPath expressions are partially converted. Stacks have to used to interpret operators precedence : a length-value pairs format within a single string will do the trick with XSLT 1.0.

An alpha version will soon be downloadable

Posted by Alain Couthures 2008-10-25

AJAXForms reengineering

Considering AJAXForms uses an XSL transformation and Java code for id attributes and Javascript parts, reengineering it will produce an already pretty good alpha version.
XHTML compatibility, id attributes generation and half of Javascript parts have already been achieved within a single XSLT document.

Posted by Alain Couthures 2008-10-18