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Xsidplay 2.1.6


  • QT5 porting
  • Use libsidplayfp 1.7.0
  • Fix basic and chargen loading roms
  • Fix save playlist action

- Alsa, even if plays, has a 30 seconds two fast initial timing

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2015-02-22

XSidplay 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2
- Add dinamic library selection
- Add libsidplayfp resid emulation

Consider this as a test release

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2012-05-19

XSidplay 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1
- Fix colors in STIL window
- Fix check in menu for STIL and SongLen DB
- Add background SID image in main dialog

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2011-08-20

XSidplay 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0
- Porting to QT4 (with QT3 support library)
- Only SDL and ALSA (with some problems in Alsa when changing subtunes)
- Use CMake instead of makefile

For future version it will be implement multi library supports (so libsidplay2fp will be used) and else patch libsidplay2 to read PSID v3

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2011-07-17

XSidplay 2.0.3

After some times the new version of XSidplay is ready.
Xsidplay plays Sid file in both Linux and Windows, using QT3 library.

New in this version:
- Allow to compile in Windows with QT3
- Remove LCD display bug when changing audio
- Add experimental support for ALSA sound library
- Add low level setting in audio
- Add clock frequency string (useful if ANY or UNKNOWN field is set)
- Add multispeed indication (need to patch libsidplay2)... read more

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2009-03-01

XSidplay 2.0.3-pre2

Another Windows preview version.
Add a low level setting of audio configuration.

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2008-12-01

XSidplay 2.0.3-pre

A pre-release for Windows compiled with QT3.
You need to download all the 3 RAR files for having xsdiplay2 run on Windows.

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2008-02-05

XSidplay 2.0.2

- Add LCD display for songlength
- Allow to compile correctly with libsidplay1

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2008-01-09

XSidplay 2.0.1

Release 2.0.1 with:
- Clear list in SidId before load a configure file
- Allow to compile correctly if TSID2 is disable
- Add experimental support for SDL sound library

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2007-12-31

Xsidplay 2.0.0

First release (still in QT3 for unix):
- Based onto xsidplay
- SidId v1.7 support
- Remove some memory related bug into TSID2 patch
- Remove a time related bug (about time resolution) when using libsidplay2

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2007-12-23

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