Commit Date  
[r658] by choroba

do not repeat true() so many times

2013-10-15 00:36:15 Tree
[r657] by choroba

more informative diagnostics in test

2013-10-15 00:18:55 Tree
[r656] by choroba

version update

2013-09-25 15:24:39 Tree
[r655] by choroba

no pod errors

2013-09-25 09:24:34 Tree
[r654] by choroba

hide version from recdescent, too

2013-09-25 09:24:20 Tree
[r653] by choroba

hiding from pause, another try

2013-09-25 08:15:33 Tree
[r652] by choroba

still some internal packages indexed

2013-09-25 00:04:00 Tree
[r651] by choroba

version update

2013-09-24 22:58:34 Tree
[r650] by choroba

manifest updated

2013-09-24 22:24:30 Tree
[r649] by choroba

package name fixed

2013-09-24 22:23:58 Tree
[r648] by choroba

hide internal packages from PAUSE indexer

2013-09-24 22:19:14 Tree
[r647] by choroba

new version number

2013-09-24 16:28:12 Tree
[r646] by choroba

ignore svn files

2013-09-24 16:16:58 Tree
[r645] by choroba

patch for #88940 by Slaven Rezic

2013-09-24 16:09:32 Tree
[r644] by choroba

cpan bug #88940: /usr/bin/env perl not replaced in build process

2013-09-24 16:01:38 Tree
[r643] by choroba

use standalone RecDescent if supported (should not break after RD upgrades)

2013-07-22 13:18:22 Tree
[r642] by pajas

Compatibility fix by

2013-07-21 15:30:33 Tree
[r641] by pajas

patch by J. Stepanek

2013-04-01 16:19:46 Tree
[r640] by pajas

Bump version to 2.1.6; regenerate grammar during build.

2012-02-25 09:30:27 Tree
[r639] by pajas

Bump version, bug fix: make includes relative to the current script file.

2011-11-19 13:45:46 Tree
[r638] by pajas

verion bump for bugfix: prevent creating a duplicate attribute while renaming

2011-11-19 13:35:59 Tree
[r637] by pajas

- add URI dependency
- take version from XML/XSH2
- dup STDOUT in xsh_init so that the original STDOUT can use :utf8,
while xsh internally requires :bytes.

2011-06-29 21:37:04 Tree
[r636] by pajas

Release 2.1.2

2011-06-22 21:51:14 Tree
[r635] by pajas

- add new functions document_uri, resolve_uri and base_uri
- fix parsing of numeric literals (e.g. $i=6; ls /foo/bar[$i])
- add space to prompt

2011-06-22 21:33:38 Tree
[r634] by pajas

- fixed documentation URL in the docs (pointed out by Josef Kutej)
- documentation and command-line option parsing fixes

2008-12-10 12:31:44 Tree
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