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XS DHTML Editor 0.95 Released

XS DHTML Editor is a web-based HTML editor written in DHTML/JavaScript. The look-and-feel follows Microsoft apps such as Word and Outlook. The "control" is implemented as a DHTML Behavior, allowing it to be used with only a couple lines of code added to a standard web page.

Too many new features to list. Check the documentation which covers most of them.

The main file's name has changed from "htmlEditor.htc" to "XsDhtmlEditor.htc". Make a note of this for existing pages, as the implementation tag specifies this filename and will need to be updated.

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2002-04-08

New version coming soon

Version 0.95b should be ready in the next 5-7 days. Quite a bit of code was re-written to allow for easier customization and future work. Also, a few new features were incorporated from user submissions. Finally, the license will be changing from GPL to LGPL, as well.
Stay tuned!

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2002-04-02

New PHP Sample

Several people have gotten hung-up using the editor with PHP because of the import statements use of <?. Also, some others have asked about what to do when the initial content contains double-quotes, as those are used to delimit the parameter itself.
I just created a quick-and-dirty sample showing how to get around both of these issues in PHP. The file is in the "Patches" section here on SourceForge, and is called "index.php".

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2002-01-23

Documentation Wrong!

The documentation included with the 0.94b release is older than the documentation included with the 0.93b release. I uploaded the more recent documentation as a patch, so grab that file after you download the 0.94b package.

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2001-12-19

Version 0.94b Released

Update includes support for tables, full justification, and "remove formatting" command.

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2001-11-27

New Project Owner?

I have lost interest in this project, as it does everything I need it to do. Anyone who would like to take over the existing code-base and project here at SourceForge should email me.

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2001-11-21

Version 0.93b Released

This version has updated documentation regarding the "imagesPath" property.
(this one comes *without* the nimda virus remnants found in the first 0.93b release!)

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2001-09-28

Version 0.92b Released w/ Documentation

Two new features - standard/source views toggle and "replaceTags" property - and first documentation included.

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2001-06-28

Project created; Beta version released

The first beta release, version 0.90b, was made available today.

Posted by Ryan LaNeve 2001-04-02