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Second Release SP1

XScheduler is Free document,workflow,task ,email management software
If you cannot login with the first download due to aspnet account this version is the right for you.I used AJAX a lot and it is interfering with aspnet login controls.Any question send me an email at johnstalley@live.com

Posted by Talley Ouro 2009-11-17

First release of XSchedulerCED

I just release the first version of XSchedulerCED(Communty Edition) 3 hours ago.Please you need to download all files of it in order to view the installation instruction.If you need help contact me at johnstalley@live.com.
XSchedulerCED is the most advanced Document Management software,Employees Workflow software,HR,Email Marketing and more..

Project Administrator

Posted by Talley Ouro 2009-11-09

XScheduler Release time frame

Xscheduler(Advanced Document Management System,Business Process,GRP,Employee Management and Performance Review System,AD Manager,Financial Object Tracker..) will be release between end September 2009 and end October 2009.It is on beta and testing mode at this time.There will be two versions:Community and Enterprise.
Talley Ouro
Project Manager/Administrator

Posted by Talley Ouro 2009-08-24