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File Date Author Commit
 admin 2017-10-29 tswift [r9118] Updated for some code rot.
 bin 2017-09-16 "kifer" [r9073] in xsb*.bat, added quotes for the cases when th...
 build 2 days ago "kifer" [r9365] always create config/.../bin/libxsb.so/dylib fo...
 cmplib 6 days ago "kifer" [r9357] replace write_term/3 with fmt_write/3 to solve ...
 docs 6 days ago tswift [r9355] Documentation for float display precision.
 emu 4 days ago dwarren [r9364] fixed obscure bug in intern-structure garbage c...
 etc 2016-07-06 tswift [r8744] Changed depth to size (forgot to commit this a ...
 examples 2018-06-10 "kifer" [r9341] adjustments for the cleanup in curl.P
 gpp 2017-06-09 "kifer" [r9039] added the __freeze__ feature to disallow expans...
 installer 2017-09-07 "kifer" [r9065] small improvements in the installer
 lib 5 days ago tswift [r9359] float_display_precision -> float_display_format
 misc 2010-08-19 spyrosh [r6722] Roll back to state as of Aug 16, 2010.
 packages 7 days ago "kifer" [r9347] XPath now also works for Win64
 prolog-commons 2013-05-06 dwarren [r7771] MANY Changes to implement hash-consing (or inte...
 prolog_includes 2010-08-19 spyrosh [r6722] Roll back to state as of Aug 16, 2010.
 pthreads 2017-05-18 "kifer" [r9034] main changes are in configure.in. Others are du...
 syslib 5 days ago tswift [r9358] float_display_precision -> float_display_format
 FAQ 2010-08-18 spyrosh [r6719] Backed out faulty changes
 INSTALL 2017-09-06 "kifer" [r9061] further fixes to the windoze install.
 InstallXSB.jar 2017-09-07 "kifer" [r9065] small improvements in the installer
 LICENSE 2013-02-22 kifer [r7732] changed date
 Makefile 2012-09-27 kifer [r7624] fixed many small configuration bugs
 README 2016-11-30 dwarren [r8872] Update svn revision number.

Read Me

		  XSB Prolog Distribution Directory

Current version: XSB Version 3.7. (Clan MacGregor) of July 6, 2016.
with updates up to svn r8872  Nov 30, 2016


Up-to-date information on XSB can be found via the XSB homepage below.
You will find the latest sources (also accessible through CVS), a
mailing-list archive, various additional packages, etc.



A 2-volume manual in pdf format is distributed with XSB binaries or
source files.  


The XSB source tree consists of a number of directories including:

./emu		    C source files for XSB's emulator and certain packages
./cmplib	    Prolog source files for XSB's compiler
./syslib	    Prolog source files for XSB system predicates
./lib		    Prolog source files for useful, but non-essential XSB predicates
./prolog-commons    Prolog-commons files included with XSB (v. 3.3 and forward)
./examples	    A small set of examples of XSB programs.
./gpp		    Source files for the GNU pre-processor used by XSB's compiler
./packages	    Additional packages, including:
	altcdf	    XSB's ontology management package
	chr/chr_d   XSB's CHR implementations
	clpr	    XSB's CLP(R) implementation
	dbdrivers   Various interfaces for ODBC and mysql
	justify	    A justification-based debugger for tabled programs
	perlmatch   Perl-style string matching routines
	pita	    Probabilistic Logic Programming in XSB
	regmatch    Regular-expression matching routines
	sgml	    parses html, xml, and sgml documents
	xasp	    XSB Answer Set Programming package
	xpath	    xpath queries on XML documents
	xsbdoc	    Documentation generator for XSB code

The InterProlog package, used to communicate between XSB and Java must
be downloaded separately from www.declarativa.com

Flora-2 may be downloaded from http://flora.sourceforge.net

Silk may be downloaded from http://silk.semwebcentral.org/


See the XSB manual for details on building XSB under UNIX or Windows.


You are free to modify XSB code the LGPL with the exception of
Prolog-commons code, most of whose code is also under LGPL (see
specific Prolog-commons files).


Again, please see the XSB manual for details.