XSB 2.7.1 (Kinryo) released

Version 2.7.1 is a minor release whose main changes are to support the
tagging required by newer versions of Linux, as well as to support
foreign language calls and packages on the Apple Macintosh. Other bug
fixes and functionality improvements have also been made.

* A new tagging scheme has been created to handle tagging on newer
versions of Linux. The choice of tagging is made automatically by XSB's
configuration mechanism.

* The XSB/C foreign language interface is now supported under Macintosh
OS X. In addition, fixes have been made to perlmatch regmatch, and
wildmatch to support these packages on OS X. These patches were
submitted by Barry Evans.

* ODBC Package: Added odbc_sql_cnt/4 predicate to be used to call an
Update, insert, or delete SQL statement. It returns the number of affected
rows in the fourth parameter of the call. Also added support for use of iodbc
(www.iodbc.org) driver manager.

* Fixed bug in setof in handling variables in template and patterns. The fix
was submitted by Bart Demoen and Kostis Sagonas.

* .cpp files can now be compiled, loaded and called from XSB.

* Changed write_canonical to write more complete floating point numbers.

* New packages sgml and xpath have been added. The sgml package can
parse XML, HTML, and even SGML; it is adapted from SWI Prolog. The xpath
package supports XPath queries to XML documents.

Posted by Harpreet Singh 2005-03-05

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