Hi all,

I installed the latest stable XSB (3.4). I'm trying to run a program that use the package sgmlconfig but returned the error that I list below. I tested both in Mac and in Windows. 

Any idea?


[Module sgml compiled, cpu time used: 0.0180 seconds]
[Compiling /Volumes/DATA/MBA/Programs/XSB/packages/sgml/sgmlconfig]
++Error[XSB/Runtime/P]: [Preprocessing] In make_gpp_command(/Volumes/DATA/MBA/Programs/XSB/packages/sgml/sgmlconfig.P,gpp,_h561,_h577): existence_error(procedure,usermod : findall / 3)
++Error[XSB/Runtime/P]: [Preprocessing] /Volumes/DATA/MBA/Programs/XSB/packages/sgml/sgmlconfig.P: Preprocessor "gpp" failed to execute. Perhaps a syntax error.