I see. And about Silk is the same story ?. It also uses its own implementation of HiLog instead of XSB's native one ?

I am wondering if a correct conclusion of this is that I should avoid to use the XSB implementation of HiLog in new Prolog projects ?, and if eventually I am interested in doing something with HiLog in the future I should take a look to Flora ?


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Actually Flora, which is implemented with a translator to XSB source code, does support the Flora version of HiLog.  But it does not use XSB’s implementation of HiLog.  It uses its own translation to standard prolog predicates.  Michael Kifer (and his student who wrote the Flora compiler) found that XSB’s support for HiLog did not really provide the functionality they wanted, so they rolled their own.
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I am wondering how important is for XSB the support for proper Hilog terms (i.e. compounds having as functors arbitrary terms). Are there many XSB projects currently using this feature ? which of them for example ?
I ask since as far as I understand higher order programming is equally possible using the ISO built-in call/N.
Specifically, I would like to understand if the usage of Hilog terms have further applications and if it is still regarded as a powerful feature in a Prolog like logic language, or if it is supported in XSB rather for historical reasons.


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