#206 Flora2 bundle hangs during first-run after installation on Windows XP

P. N.


Flora2 latest version hangs indefinitely during first run after installation on Windows XP.

Here is the first logfile:

--------------------------------------------cut log-----------------------------------------
[xsb_configuration loaded]
[sysinitrc loaded]

XSB Version 3.4.0 (Soy mILK) of May 1, 2013
[x86-pc-windows; mode: optimal; engine: slg-wam; scheduling: local]
[Patch date: 2013-05-02 17:42:32]

Evaluating command line goal:
| ?- asserta(library_directory('C:\Program Files\Flora-2\flora2')). [flora2]. flora_shell.

| ?-
| ?- [flora2 loaded]
[C:\Program Files\Flora-2\flora2.flora_buildinfo.P dynamically loaded, cpu time used: 0.0160 seconds]

| ?- [flrversion loaded]
[flrcommon_definitions loaded]
[cc_config loaded]
[prolog2hilog loaded]
[flora_ground loaded]
[flrshell loaded]
[flrundefhook loaded]
[flrutils loaded]
[flranswer loaded]
[flrload loaded, cpu time used: 0.0160 seconds]
[flrdisplay loaded]
[flrimportedcalls loaded]
[flrudf loaded]
[Compiling C:\Program Files\Flora-2\flora2\syslib\flrgateway]
[gpp: Preprocessing C:\Program Files\Flora-2\flora2\syslib\flrgateway.P]
--------------------------------------------cut log-----------------------------------------

After testing Flora2 on a x64 machine and confirming that the release is working there, I copied back to the XP machine the file "flrgateway.xwam" and put it in the "syslib" directory.
Unfortunately, when I try to re-"first-run" runflora.bat, while flrgateway is loaded, the program now hangs at the "trailer$..." module.

Here is the specific section of the log after I copied flrgateway from the x64 machine to XP:

[flrgateway loaded]
[flrunify_handlers loaded]
[flrmetaops loaded]
[Compiling C:\Documents and Settings\pn.xsb\flora-0.99.3-1013\trailer$eq=none+inh=flogic+tbl=nonincremental+nonincremental+cus=none]
[gpp: Preprocessing C:\Documents and Settings\pn.xsb\flora-0.99.3-1013\trailer$eq=none+inh=flogic+tbl=nonincremental+nonincremental+cus=none.P]

I tried to copy the two .xwam files from the relevant directory of the x64 machine to the "problematic" XP but to no avail. Program still hangs.

Note that the program does not increase CPU/memory load (a possible proof that it executes something), it just sits there hanging.

Any idea on how to resolve this?



  • P. N.

    P. N. - 2013-09-29

    Just to clarify, since the title perhaps misleads and after all this is XSB's bugtracker: The problem exists while xsb.exe is running.

    Last edit: P. N. 2013-09-29
  • Michael Kifer

    Michael Kifer - 2013-12-08
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Michael Kifer
  • Michael Kifer

    Michael Kifer - 2013-12-08

    Should be fixed in the latest release


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