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New in version xrope-1.4.4

Multiplatform : xRope-1.4.4 runs under Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X

Posted by Serge Hulne 2008-07-29

New in version 1.4.3

* New functions: "indent block" "deindent block" in Edit menu.
* "Print current module (via firefox)": Sends an HTML-formatted, highlighted, version of the currennt module to mozilla firefox for printing.
* Add block delimiters to current module: Adds Ruby-style block delimiters to the blocks of the current module (in the form of comments).
* Highlighing for Karrigell applications server development (.ks, .pih, .hip, .htm, .html, .xml files).
* Code generator: "XML to Tkinter": Builds a Python Tkinter graphical interface from an XML template (with XML validation) . See example of a typical XML example here)

Posted by Serge Hulne 2008-06-24

New in version 1.4.0

New in version 1.4.0:

* Depends on rope-0.7.7 and ropeide-1.5.0 (which are installed only if no other version of rope or ropeide are installed yet)
* If older versions of rope / ropeide are installed, their manual deinstallation might be necessary (they are situated in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/)
* The dependency upon rope / ropeide is done through inheritance, it has the following advantages:
o xRope does not interfere with (or modify) rope or ropeide, so ropeide and xRope can be run independently.
o xRope benefits from the improvements of rope-0.7.7 regarding refactoring.
o xRope can be upgraded to the latest version of the rope refactoring library by merely installing the latest version of rope available from Sourceforge.
o Shipped with the latest version of Pmw : Pmw.1.3.2 (installed only if no older version of Pmw is present).... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2008-02-26

New Video tutorials:

A new video tutorial (Flash, .swf format) has been added as a link to the manual:




More tutorials are under way, in particular a tutorial about the use of the build-in graphical builder.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-22

Documentation updated

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-19

New feature in version 1.2c9:

New in release 1.2c9:

- The right-hand pane also contains a "check" tab.
From this "check" tab one can check the validity of the code included in the currently selected module:
* Double-click in left-hand file manager.
* Select the "Check" tab in the right-hand pane.

- The ckeck features is provided by the pychecker package.

- In case said package is not yet available on the system, the version of pychecker which is shipped with xRope is installed along with
xRope, via the xRope setup script.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-19

News relating to Pmw

An updated version of Pmw in which the most critical bugs (in relation to xRope) are corrected is available already in the Pmw CVS.

Said corrected version is due to be released on the Pmw project site, on Sourceforge, as Pmw.1.3 , before end of June 2007.

The Pmw development team has agreed to me taking over the development and maintenance of the Pmw widget.

Pmw and xRope are now being developed jointly.... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-17

New in version 1.2c8:

Bugs relating to opening projects and modules via the build-in file manager fixed.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-17

New in version 1.2c6

New in release 1.2c6:

- Improvements pertaining to the "Run" feature.
* Reimplemented using the subprocess module instead of popen3

- Improvements pertaining to the class browser.

* A double-click on a module icon in the file manager:
- Opens the module in an editor if not already opened.
- Reloads the corresponding class borowser display, if already opened.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-13

New in version 1.2c5

New in release 1.2c5:

- Improvements pertaining the "Run" feature.
* Entry field for command-line arguments.
* Start / Stop buttons to run / Kill current process.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-10

Solving problems regarding Pmw

The current standard issue of Pmw contains a bug which can can impact on the stability of xRope.

This bug has been reported to the team in charge of the Pmw interface.

As long as this bug is not fixed in the official Pmw package, it is advised to install the version of Pmw shipped with xRope rather than the official one (which is not fixed yet).

If no installation of Pmw is present on the system, or if it has been removed, the customized version will be installed automatically during the installation of xRope.... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-09

New in version 1.2c3

New in release 1.2c3:

- The 'Run' feature (from the left-hand pane) is non-blocking : It runs in a separate thread.
- It can run programs of arbitrary run time and arbitrary textual output length.

- The Visual Builder(s) are also run in separate threads from this version on.

- The use of the Visual Builders, the 'Run' feature and the text editors can be run simultaneously.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-09

New in version 1.2c2

Notes for xRope-1.2c2:

The releases from the series 1.2c (1.2c1, 1.2c2 etc ...) will be dedicated mainly to:

1) Make the code more robust.
2) Make the existing features more complete, ergonomic, user-friendly.

Still, there is a new feature in version 1.2c2:

New feature in release 1.2c:
----------------------------... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-07-08

New in version : 1.2c

xRope is provided with two new add-ons:

Graphical UI builders, based on "tk_happy" and "rapyd".

A customized version of these add-ons is shipped along with the code of xRope, because the respective developers of these two applications have not yet provided a simple, canonical way to install them.


xRope 1.2c uses :

- rope-0.5m5
- tk_happy-0.3

and derivatives of:

- rapyd-0.1.1
- pmw-1.1.2... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-06-19

New in version 1.1s:

The editor has been updated to version rope-0.5m5 of rope.

- Improved navigation
- Improved auto-complete (alt-/) displays the methods of the object under the cursor
- Improved help on class methods: (Ctrl-C Ctrl-D) displays the doctring and arguments of the current method.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-04-22

New in version 1.1p

New in version 1.1.p:

The build-in file manager allows for: copy, paste, rename and delete operations in addition to allow for navigation of the source files.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-04-09

Manual (draft)

A draft of the manual is availble under:
-> Xrope
-> project
-> Web site

or at the address:


Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-15

New in version 1.1f

A Bug linked to the new multi-folder project feature has been corrected.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-12

New in version 1.1e


- Support for multi-folder projects is added : The project is selected via a right-click on a folder in the build-in file manager. Once a project folder has been selected (blue triangular icon), a file belonging to said folder (or to a sub-folder) can be opened by a double-click on the corresponding (green) icon.

- Grep: A (first draft of) a grep-like build-in application is added to the right-hand panel (see the "grep" tab).... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-12

Aim of the project

xRope is a development environment for Python:

Concise description:
- xRope is a graphical wrapper around the editor "rope" by aligrudi (also a sourceforge project).
- xRope is to rope what xEmacs is to Emacs (an additional graphical layer to make its use easier for non-Emacs-experts).

- Provide a decent Builder for Python developers, using reliable, portable components.

Long-term aim:
- Emulate *all* the functionality of Eclipse PyDev in an application which is 100% pure python (*avoid java completely*):... read more

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-09

New in version 1.1a

Improved file manager with three presets to switch instantly between the root, homepage and workspace directories (to facilitate migration from Eclipse)

Automatic sync between file manager and class browser

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-09

New in version 1.1

New file browser with python-oriented icons.

New Help function in the right-hand pane for quick consultation of pydoc in xRope (or in a external browser).

"<Ctrl>-h p" gives access to a "Python quick reference".

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-04

new in version 1.0

The version 1.0 of xRope is based on the version 0.5m1 of 'rope'.

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-02-26