New in version 1.4.0

New in version 1.4.0:

* Depends on rope-0.7.7 and ropeide-1.5.0 (which are installed only if no other version of rope or ropeide are installed yet)
* If older versions of rope / ropeide are installed, their manual deinstallation might be necessary (they are situated in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/)
* The dependency upon rope / ropeide is done through inheritance, it has the following advantages:
o xRope does not interfere with (or modify) rope or ropeide, so ropeide and xRope can be run independently.
o xRope benefits from the improvements of rope-0.7.7 regarding refactoring.
o xRope can be upgraded to the latest version of the rope refactoring library by merely installing the latest version of rope available from Sourceforge.
o Shipped with the latest version of Pmw : Pmw.1.3.2 (installed only if no older version of Pmw is present).


* Since the latest version of the refactoring library rope is being used, the automatically generated configuration files ".ropeproject" might not be compatible with the current rope / xRope project formats.
* The solution consists in simply manually deleting the ".ropeprojects" files from the root of the projects.
* To show said files "ls -lAF .*"
* To remove them: rm .ropeproject

Posted by Serge Hulne 2008-02-26

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