Aim of the project

xRope is a development environment for Python:

Concise description:
- xRope is a graphical wrapper around the editor "rope" by aligrudi (also a sourceforge project).
- xRope is to rope what xEmacs is to Emacs (an additional graphical layer to make its use easier for non-Emacs-experts).

- Provide a decent Builder for Python developers, using reliable, portable components.

Long-term aim:
- Emulate *all* the functionality of Eclipse PyDev in an application which is 100% pure python (*avoid java completely*):

- The result should have all these functionalities, but be more portable and have a much smaller footprint (thanks to Python and Tkinter).

- Replace in due time the aging IDLE interface, which is shipped with Python, but has a very primitive interface, no dot-complete, no refactoring, and an awkward class browser floating in a separate window.

More specifically:

Gui with: graphical class browser, graphical project management, refactoring , dot complete, word complete.

Current features:
- Class browser (as a graphical tree)
- Projects browser & File manager (graphical)

Features under development:
- Classes auto-complete (dot-complete)
- Bindings with on-line help
- build-in grep
- Specific grep scanning only directories in the Python sys.path
- Specific grep scanning only directories in the current project

features inherited from rope:
- Refactoring
- Emacs keys bindings (also provided by rope)

- It uses Python with Tkinter,
- Pmw (Python mega widgets)
- The "Tree widget" (by G. E. Cash, see:\).

Posted by Serge Hulne 2007-03-09

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