#35 Wrong way of installing


Please bear with me because I am a real newbie here. I
am unable to correctly install the software.

my includes_location is :


and the following can be found in my vars.php:

// where is this application, web-wise? (no trailing slash)
$http_site_root = "";

// what domain should we use for cookies? (no trailing
$http_cookie_site = "";

//where is the appliation in the filesystem (no
trailing slash)
$xrms_file_root = "/usr/local/www/data/xrms";

but after it says the installation is complete and I
try to login... the login screen is very plain - no
colors of whatsoever. When I login using user1/user1,

I get this error:

Not Found
The requested URL
/xrms/ was not found
on this server.

and the url found on the address bar of my browser is:

I tried in freebsd 5.1 and mandrake linux 10.1 ...
Please help!


  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2005-02-25
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  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2005-02-25

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Sourcefvorge doesn't
    notify anyone of a new tracker item unless you assign it to
    someone (!), so I don't see therse unless I actively go
    looking for them. It's the worst bug tracker software I've
    ever used...

    Onto your problem...

    What is happening is that your browser (not the web server)
    is seeing a 'relative' link (like my second alternative
    solution), and is then adding the 'relative' address of
    '' to the location that
    you pointed the browser to originally

    I believe that the problem is here:
    $http_site_root = "";

    you either need to do this:
    $http_site_root = "";
    or this:
    $http_site_root = "/xrms";

    Either one of these will work. The first alternative
    replaces your relative link with a fuly qualified URL. The
    second alternative uses a relativer link, but uses the
    leading / to tell the browser to go back to the root of the
    web site that you're currently on.

    Please let me know if you are still having trouble, but this
    should fix things for you.


    - Brian


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