#184 XRMS must distinguish duration and work


XRMS must be a table for work-hours linked to activity's so with the intention to build a link between the workforce, the customer representatives and billing department.

When looking at calendar view, the scheduled start and end comes up with a long bar, "indicating" that it shows is the work amount. The scheduled end is more like a deadline for the task to finish. However from a resource manager point of view, you want to find available resources within that time period. You, might expect that the customers repr. uses XRMS as their base system, and when on the phone with the customer, it is of major importance to find out when an issue can be resolved, which is given by free available resources.

As a coincidence I got a case from one of my customers yesterday, regarding their work-flow and CRM system. And I realize that XRMS CRM is very focused on marketing campaigns and getting new customers. However, one of the easiest and low resource demanding marketing tasks yet perhaps the most important is to keep existing customers satisfied. And from that perspective the request mention in the paragraph over should be of great importance.

The customer who has given me the case to install Exchange in order to make it easy for the work force to report back work hours, because as he said "if they only report back more accurate one hour pr month, I have got back my money in less than a half year". And this case will cost him approximately $ 10.000,-. I can only guess how many times I am just doing minor issues for my customers that only takes a couple of minutes, and forgets to write down the hours and therefore not get paid.

So there is your finance opportunity. I used to be a programmer my selves, unfortunate I have not kept that knowledge updated, so as to day I not able to help you out. But as both a educated in marketing and computer consultancy I think that XRMS has by far the, best potential WEB based XRMS solution I have seen so far.



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