#165 Contact is member of multiple companies



In using the software, I have found it difficult to
model the situation where a contact may be involved in
multiple companies (part time employees, consultants
that I've met, etc)

Has it been considered to permit users to have more
power when specifying a contact's company involvement?
In the case of on campus student organizations, being
able to identity leads which are each involved in 3+
organizations is behaviour not easily permissable
currently. This type of behaviour could be very useful
for campus job recruiters or campus administrators
trying to share their contacts to accomplish campus
projects (like Volunteering, Earth Day, etc) with
multiple organizations (think: Fraternities,
professional societies, etc)

Also, mapping the history of company involvement on a
contact could evolve as a direct result of implementing
the above. This could be useful in following up and
developing better relationships with industry partners.

This may be related to some other feature requests:
* [ 1364579 ] Companies
-- Which discusses the problem of moving contacts
between organizations. This behaviour is frequent in
campus organizations or on campus jobs.
* Other requests I overlooked which directly address
this issue.


  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    What you're talking about sounds like relationships. A
    consultanyt is an employee of only one firm, for example,
    but has a 'consultant' relationship to one or more
    additional firms.

    At a University, I'd probably put students in under the
    University with a Student Role, and then use Relationships
    to model the other roles with external organizations that
    you've discussed.

    As for moving a contact from one company to another: there
    has been a "Transfer Contact" function for over a year
    (perhaps it's not the best name, but it works).

    Former Companies for a contact are already tracked by the
    system, but no one has done any work to expose this
    information in the UI.

    Orperhaps I don't understand you, and my comments will make
    it clear how you can help me understand.


    - Brian

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    Hi Brian,

    What I was referring to is when you add a contact to your
    database, you can also make him a member of multiple
    companies instead of just 1. And then have the contact show
    up in the "Contacts" table of multiple companies (that same
    contact appears in the tables of multiple companies)

    I gave the example of student organizations because 1
    student may be a member of multiple organizations. While
    being a member of multiple organizations, their role in each
    organization can be different.

    Unlike the "Add Relationship for Contact" feature, wouldn't
    active members of a organization be better to inline into
    the "Contacts" table?

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    It's an interesting idea to show contacts in the Contacts
    table, but I think that this will lead to confusion.

    Your example of student organizations is what is called an
    'edge case': it doesn't reflect how the mahjority of
    organizations use a CRM application.

    I suppose maybe we could add a second Contacts pager for
    'Related Contacts', to make clear that these are
    relationships, and the true 'root' record lies elsewhere,
    but I'm not sure how this would really work in practice.

    - Brian

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    I think that Relationships continues to solve this problem
    for the vast majority of users. If you would like to
    suggest different functionality (like including contact
    relationships in the contacts pager, then please submit a patch.



    - Brian

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

    • status: open --> closed
  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    Closing. I'm still interested in suggestions for how
    relationships could be made to work better to provide the
    functionality that you need in your environment. However,
    to continue this discussion, we need a specific proposal
    that we can talk about, and come up with a generally useful

    Please provide more information if you could on how you
    think Relationships should be refactored to provide the
    functionality you seek.


    - Brian