#163 Please add more fields to search result pages


I love the export function on search results.
Unfortunately I never use it because the search results
lack the fields I need. Is there a way to add more
fields to the Select Column Layout function?

Especially in the Opportunity search result, I would
love to have First Name, Last Name, Email adres of the
contact tied to the Opportunity.

This would make XRMS so much better to work with for
me. (and I hope others too)


  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2005-12-19
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  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2005-12-19

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    Yes, this is pretty straightforward. The query needs to be
    modified, and columns added to the Pager.

    In this case, I'd suggest adding the fields that you want to
    the Advanced Search, and them making them available in the
    Pager as well.

    We'll look into it.


    - Brian

  • Proto23

    Proto23 - 2005-12-20

    Logged In: YES

    Cool! Actually I came up with an even simpler solution that
    would get me the export I want. Of course the original
    request is much neater, but a quick way of doing things is
    to add an export button on the Confirm Recipients page in
    the mail merge function.

    The point is that I am using a different mass mailer than
    the one in XRMS. One that gives much more options for
    layouts of emails. Yet I want XRMS to give me subsets of all

    I now use a work around where I save the Confirm Recipients
    as HTML, open it in Open Office, copy paste the table into a
    spreadsheet and save as CSV. Works for the smaller data
    sets, but I am currently at 5000+ companies and Open Office
    can't process any big list.

    Thanks a lot anyway


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