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  • PMan

    PMan - 2006-08-25


    The mapquest plugin works GREAT! I Love it.  One issue, the mapquest url opens in the same window where XRMS was.  When the user is done with the mapquest window, they have to navigate back to XRMS.  If the mapquest window is closed, the XRMS session closes with it.

    would much prefer it if it opened in a new window, like when you click on the url field in a company.

    Thanks for an otherwise great plugin!


    • PMan

      PMan - 2006-12-02

      OK I did a little research and figured out how to do this myself.  In xrms/plugins/mapquest/setup.php at line 21, it reads: return "<a href=... (the ... is the reset of the statement that remains unchanged).
      I found a similar line in xrms/companies/one.php for the url field. It looks like this: return "<a target=' _blank' href=...
      I changed /mapquest/setup.php line 21 to mirror the statement in companies/one.php by adding " target=' _blank' " between "<a" and "href="
      Now it works just like the url link, clicking on the address opens a new window for mapquest.  Great! I hope this little mod finds it's way into the next update.

      Thanks again for a great plugin!


    • PMan

      PMan - 2007-05-21


      After downloading from cvs last week, I had to re-tweak the mapquest plugin again (see above).  Not a big deal, but is there any way this small edit can be included in the cvs code?



    • Francis Crossen

      Francis Crossen - 2007-05-22

      Now in CVS...



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