• - 2009-02-08

    Hi, Everyone!

    First of all, I'd like to apologize if you receive more than one copy of this post.  It will be cross-posted on all XRMS forums to ensure it reaches as many XRMS users and developers as possible.

    As you are all aware, XRMS has not had a stable release in about two and a half years.  The project continues to develop and grow, however, its current status is becoming an obstacle to reaching its full potential.

    Over the last week, a group of users and developers (including Brian Peterson) became involved in an intense discussion over email on how to revitalize the project and the necessary steps needed to accomplish that.  Enough has been said to make this discussion public and to bring in the entire XRMS community in on this project.

    Please note!  This is NOT and effort to fork XRMS!  This is an effort to revitalize the existing project, restructure it and open up channels for it to thrive.  So, without further introduction, the main goals the group identified are, as follows:

    1. A new stable release for XRMS that integrates all the stable improvements, features and functionality that have been added into XRMS over the last two and a half years.  There is sufficient momentum to expect that the 2.0 release will be ready and available for download by the end of March, 2009.

    2. A revitalized marketing initiative which will include a new public website for XRMS, a documentation wiki and new mailing lists.  All of these will be geared to promoting XRMS, allowing new users and developers to quickly put all of XRMS's power to use, as well as access timely support from the community.  There are many ideas already on what can be done and we do not see too many obstacles in the way that would prevent us on moving in this direction very quickly.

    A LOT OF WORK NEEDS TO BE DONE!  We need your help and support to make this a reality.  We need you to step up to the different roles involved, whether it be testing and discovering bugs, fixing them, fine-tuning the code, marketing, hosting, administration, managing, design ideas and feedback, financial support, etc.  We need all of you who use and develop XRMS to consider pitching in with what you can to make this happen.  Please, join us and let us make this a project to envy!

    Now, before we get carried away with the enthusiasm...  There is one initial question we'd like to ask all of you and it relates to the discussion medium for XRMS.  Over time, many users have expressed concerns that the Sourceforge forums are not the best vehicle to foster timely communication between all of us.  Particularly, the biggest obstacle is that there is no way to post on the forums via email.  This prevents responses being made simply by using a regular email client program such as Thunderbird, Outlook, etc., including mobile email clients.

    In order to be able to move forward quickly, we feel that this one issue needs to be resolved A.S.A.P.  We do not want to miss out on your participation in the discussion because it is inconvenient to do so!  We would like to setup the new communication channel by Feb 15 so we can move fast with everything else.  So, we need your feedback (yes, for one last time on Sourceforge!) on what would be the best tool for the job.  Please take a minute to vote for one of the proposed solutions, comment on them, or, if you have a better idea, feel free to suggest it.  Once we have a winner, we will set it up and will announce it here so you can all join the continued discussion in the new channel.

    The current contenders are, in alphabetical order: ( - It is free.  It can be setup in minutes.  No hosting is required on our part.  Allows mail to be read with newsreaders.  Posting via email - YES!

    Google Groups ( - It is free.  It can be set up in minutes.  No hosting is required on our part.  It has a nice interface and is backed up by... well, you knew that.  Posting via email - YES!

    Mailman ( - It is free.  It will take some work to setup.  We will need a hosting account to install and run it.  We will need to administer it.  Posting via email - YES!

    Nabble ( - It is free.  It can be setup in minutes.  No hosting is required on our part.  Posting via email - YES!

    So, please, restrict your responses to helping us select a discussion medium and we can continue the rest of the discussion in the new channel.  OK, a bit of excitement is allowed, too ;)

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Ivaylo, aka IT gopher

    • Karl

      Karl - 2009-06-24

      You wrote:

      "There is sufficient momentum to expect that the 2.0 release will be ready and available for download by the end of March, 2009."

      But today it's the 24/06/2009 and the last Version is always 1.99.2. When you will publish the version 2.0 ?


    • charliez

      charliez - 2009-07-22


      any news on this effort?
      have not heard anything lately...
      Do the energy to do this is gone?

      • PMan

        PMan - 2009-07-25

        XRMS is still the best CRM app I have found, and it appears that many others feel the same.  Unfortunately, the "Current Stable Version" is more than 3 years old.  This is not good for xrms.  Have a look at this forum for drupal users...

        No offense intended, I'm just expressing concern.


      • - 2009-07-29

        Hi, Charlie!

        The energy is there, the resources, unfortunately, aren't.  I guess the next time this comes around the first question will be... how many developers are there who are willing to commit free time to this and/or, is there is someone willing to pay for enough development time to make this a reality...

        It is not an ideal state but it is what it is...


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