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  • jaraen

    jaraen - 2007-11-20


    I'm starting using xrms, it's without doubt the best open source CRM i've found. Custom_fields plugin makes the difference with other systems, so here I go with two suggestions for doing it better

    First one has been asked before, a simply way to integrate custom_fields with searches criteria.

    Second one it's to include a custom_field type "File", so any file could be uploaded to the server through a custom field.

    Both changes requires advanced xrms programing skills, unfortunately I haven't, but I hope somebody find this suggestions of use.

    Thanks to all that do this possible.


    • brafreider

      brafreider - 2007-11-28

      I have done some changes to custom fields and not yet posted as patch.

      I have added the option to add a custom fields object to the menu bar with a flexible search through your entries showing up. All fields marked as show in sidebar will be searchable plus one free text search within all fields.

      I have added some field types to custom fields:
      - fieldset offers the ability to group fields and name that group. Especially usefull for instances with loads of fields
      - image: upload an image that shows up in the overview, sidebar or detail (could easy be duplicated for file uploads)
      - url: add a link, shown as hyperlink
      - combobox: enter text or select from a dropdown
      - sql: prefill a text field with content from a sql query
      - richtext: shows fckeditor to be able to enter html (not yet integrated on the liveCD)
      - sqlselect: generate dropdowns from a sql query (e.g. contacts related to the company, the CF belongs to; not yet integrated on the liveCD)
      what I have planned:
      - multiselect: select multiple entries from a list
      - n-fieldsets: repeated field combinations, to be able to add something like products with quantity within one instance

      I have added a template drivven export to pdf option that let´s you select a (Smarty) template and then generate a pdf from it

      most of the code can be found on the liveCD from in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xrms/plugins/custom_fields

      I will post the patch as soon as I find the time to do a little clean up...


    • MarkH

      MarkH - 2007-12-18


      I've added a "date" type to custom_fields too which simply allows the calendar widget to be appended to any date edit fields. Useful and maintains consistency with other parts of XRMS.

      If it would be helpful I can provide code to allow its inclusion within the standard plug-in.



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