endfro - 2007-10-03

I am really liking XRMS, especially a lot of its plugins.

I recently setup both MRTG and tied it into XRMS.  Now the problem I am having is...

/WEBROOT/mrtg, go there, load the page just wonderfully, shows the graphics, all of that, looks beautiful

/WEBROOT/xrms/ so through here I click on MRTG.. and I get EVERYTHING BUT the graphics.

when I go into /WEBROOT/mrtg/ and edit the file.. I can change say..
<img src="" title="day" alt="day" />
<img src="" title="day" alt="day" />

Once I implement above change, both /mrtg and /xrms will correctly display both the text and graphs tied to MRTG..

Here comes the problem... as soon as /mrtg regenerates the code for the images, it rewrites the HTML code to the default (<img src="" title="day" alt="day" />)

I would really like to just have MRTG tied into xrms with the images and all if at all possible, so any suggestions or anything would be great.

As a note, this is just a testbed for XRMS, so any 'off the wall' suggestions that might break my xrms install are fine by me, we have no important data we could lose at this time.

Thanks for your time and help!