updated: xing plugin / new: googlemaps plugin

  • Stefan Pampel / polyformal


    just for information:
    xing plugin updated:

    and a new plugin called googlemaps

    best regards

    Stefan Pampel


    • Randy Martinsen

      Randy Martinsen - 2008-08-09

      hi Stefan,
      Thank you for your contribution.
      I have published googlemaps to core XRMS CVS
      I could not make XING work, so until you can explain how it should work so I can test it I won't be able to publish it.

      - Randy

      • Stefan Pampel / polyformal

        He Randy,

        thank you for your support.
        Since I have write access to CVS I'll commit the plugin myself, after reviewing the plugin README.txt ;)

        best regards


      • Stefan Pampel / polyformal

        Hi Randy,

        now i got a view on your commited version of googlemaps pluging in CVS. It looks like you have done significant modifications, and it seems broken to me, it does not work. Can you comment the changes please?

        best regards


        • Stefan Pampel / polyformal

          Hello Randy,

          after some research I had commited the recent version of my code. Maybe your cvs commit based on [1] which was slightly out of date. Basically I had planned to commit the recent code directly to cvs by myself, but you was a bit faster than me ;) .  Please feel free to include your fixes now to cvs.

          Maybe for the Future: please let us notify each other before commiting each other ones code.

          [1] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1803360&group_id=88850&atid=588130

          Kind Regards



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