Enabling Plugins

  • SaadB

    SaadB - 2008-04-22

    I am testing xrms 1.99.1
    And so for looks good. One issue though, when I try to enable any of the plugins and try to submit. I get an error 'Config file can't be opened. Please check the vars.php'
    Check vars.php for what?

    • Stefan Pampel / polyformal

      Your Webserver needs read and write permission to the file $XRMS_root/include/plugin-cfg.php to enable plugins. Please check the permissions and change if necessary.

      best regards

      Stefan Pampel

      • SaadB

        SaadB - 2008-04-23

        Thank you that worked.
        The installation instruction may need to be changed a bit, there it states "For greater security, you may move the include directory to another location that is not accessible
        by your web server."

        Anyway thank you very much for your quickness.


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