Database update lost my fields

  • lscott35020

    lscott35020 - 2010-07-28

    I added a 'notes_header' field to the 'notes' table in 'companies' in order to accomodate some changes I made to the layout of the one.php file.  (I wanted the notes to appear in the main section rather than the sidebar, and I wanted to see the brief header rather than the full contents)
    It looks like doing a database update restores the table structure to the original settings?  Is there any way to modify the update so that it doesn't delete fields that a user may have added.
    I was careful about saving my changed versions of the .php files, but didn't think about the database issue.

  • - 2010-07-29


    Updating the database is non-destructive - the database is NOT restored back to its original settings.  We run XRMS with some custom fields and even custom tables added to the database but we never encountered this problem before.  Something else may have caused the problem you are experiencing.

    Just to make certain, I ran your scenario on my dev installation by adding the 'notes_header' field to the 'notes' table, then ran an update, data cleanup and even a data purge - the 'notes_header' field remained as I had created it.  I had to manually remove it afterwards.

    Hope that helps.


  • lscott35020

    lscott35020 - 2010-07-29

    OK, well I'll just file it in my 'Who the Hell Knows?' file.  It's a little puzzling because all the other data in the table is fine.  Once I add back the 'note_header' field, the notes appear connected with their proper companies, etc.  Just no header info.  I've tried copying and pasting the 'notes.frm' file from my backup into the mysql data folder, but all that does is crash the mysql service.

    I don't have a huge number of notes, so I'll just manually put the header info back in, and make sure I've got a good backup before I do any more updates.

    BTW, this is a great application!  I hope it continues to be supported and developed.


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