New installation and LDAP

  • Jean Noel HAYART

    Hi (i'm Back)

    in my new company, i need a CRM, i show XRMS in satff and we make a test on somes salemans.

    i try a fresh installation on UBUNTU-64, with last CVS code, it's work perfectly like in my memory.

    i've an AD LDAP, and i can't make LDAP working   ..

    vars.php extract :
    $xrms_use_ldap = true; //set to true if you want ldap authenthication
        //all other ldap params are useless if $xrms_use_ldap is false
        //ldap server address
        $xrms_ldap = "ldap://ADserver";
        //user name to do the search as (leave blank for anonymous login)
        $xrms_ldap = "ldapuser@ADDOMAIN";
        //password for the user to do the search as (leave blank for anonymous login)
        $xrms_ldap = "ldapbpw";
        //context where to start the search in the tree
        $xrms_ldap = "dc=my,dc=domain,dc=fr";
        //usually, search is done on cn, uid or mail
        $xrms_ldap = "samaccountname";
        // default values for users added from LDAP
        //role ID for new users added via LDAP
        $xrms_ldap = "1";
        //time zone for new users added via LDAP
        $xrms_ldap = "-1";
        //reference context used by export code when creating export hierarchy
        //export will look like ou=,
        $xrms_ldap = "dc=Contacts,dc=mycompany,dc=com";

    it not possible to login user directly (and i can't find any log), but perhaps it's not possible

    Thank's for help

  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2011-01-26


    Welcome back.

    I don't currently have a running installation that talks to LDAP, but I *did* at one point.

    That suggests that the work to get there shouldn't be too horrible.

    Try, for example, using the IP address instead of a machine name, or at least make sure the machine is pingable by name from the XRMS server.

    Also, take a look at the actual ldap files (not in config) and see if you can build a little test script to talk to your ldap server.

    Finally, look on other PHP forums related to LDAP.  XRMS was coded to use standard PHP LDAP capabilities, and just bolt those to XRMS's auth.

    Sorry I can't be more help, but maybe this is a start.


      - Brian

  • Jean Noel HAYART

    hi Brian

    i make it working this morning, i need more test for submit patch for login-2.php file.


  • Jean Noel HAYART

    hi Brian

    Can i  already make CVS update ?

    (i check login/password, but i receive already a conection error)


  • - 2011-02-02

    Hi, Jean Noel!

    Welcome back! came under a targeted attack last week and they had to shutdown a lot of services, including CVS, until they can assess the damage and revise services security.  They have been working hard on restoring services and quite a few of them are back online but CVS is, as of yet, still down.  They are hoping to have CVS back up by the end of the week so we'll just have to wait that one out.  You can find out more and get updates here:

    Thanks and we'll look forward to your contribution when CVS comes back online :)



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