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  • Wingthor

    Hi again,

    I have a customer, who is looking for a WEB based CRM system like XRMS. However I see that they use their existing system to a broader extent than many others. One of the most important functionality is the ability to delegate work through their calendar. The the worker can update the calendar so it reflects the time actually used for activities, this so that the accountants can use t_he time spent as a base for the billing_. Their CRM system today handles this. However, they want to extend their system to involve cell phones, so that when a work is delegated through the CRM system the calendar in the workers cell phone is updated accordingly. To get this to work, the manufacturer of their CRM system today requires them to install MS Exchange server, since their system only works towards the calendar function in Exchange.
    In my head this could not be that hard to implement. And since I am myself a “fan” of XRMS I post this message to see if either if the functionalities are implemented? If not are the any plans for implement it.



    Hi, Wingthor!

    The core XRMS system does not presently offer this functionality and, considering the core developer resources available, that is not something we could put on the agenda just yet.  You are free to open a Feature Request ticket for it but, chances are, without sponsorship, this may not make it to the core or even as a plugin very soon.

    However, you may not be quite stuck without a paddle, especially if you are a developer yourself.  You may want to look at two plugins which reside in CVS and see if you can adapt the existing functionality to suit your purposes.  The plugins you may be interested in investigating in particular are:

    ical - this plugin was contributed by Randy Martinsen a couple of years back and it does offer one-way calendar synchronization from XRMS to hand-held devices by exporting the activities data in iCal format.  Have a look at the README in the /plugins/ical directory.

    case_hours - this plugin was sponsored and contributed by Concept Info and developed by Francis Crossen and allows the tracking of hours spent working on a Case.  Again, view the README in the /plugins/case_hours directory.

    Those two may not be the perfect answer to what you need or may even offer no synergy at all even from a development perspective, but it is better than nothing.  I should point out that plugin development is independent from the XRMS core and the plugin code contributed is provided along with the system for anyone who may find the plugins useful.  With any of those, any improvements contributed back to the project would be welcome and greatly appreciated!

    As far as the XRMS core is concerned, the present focus is to consolidate, test, debug and refine all the code contributions which are presently in CVS if we are to release a stable XRMS version.  The core CVS is quite good - I use it with my clients all the time and it is running in production in several installations without major problems.  However, there are some bugs and feature improvements which need to be addressed before spending large amounts of time working on other features.

    I hope the following does not sound harsh or as a handout request - it is actually simply reality.  The key in any Open Source project is resources.  Without sufficient financial or development support from the user or development community, the work going into core or plugin development depends strictly on the goodwill of whoever decides to contribute to the project.  Considering the limited support XRMS presently has, regardless of how good the system already is, the only way to see any work expedited is either to roll up one's sleeves or financially support someone who would.

    I hope the above does not sound too discouraging and, at least, gives you a good starting point.  Feel free to let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    Best Regards,