LDAP integration

  • Kenny Holden

    Kenny Holden - 2005-12-06


    I noticed a feature request early 2005, where Brian had said that hopefully Q1 2005 there would be the ability to publish company/contact details to LDAP and then update LDAP when changes have been made in XRMS. Has this been done yet? If so can anyone provide any information.

    Many Thanks, Kenny

    • Brian Peterson

      Brian Peterson - 2005-12-06

      You can export the information in LDIF format from Administration->Export

      Syncronizing changes is not yet supported.  The company that was working on it never contributed (or, I suspect, finished) their code.

      The simplest thing to do would be to make XRMS the system of record, making LDAP read-only.  Then you could batch script the syncronization.

      Full two-way syncronization is a much larger effort, so somebody needs to step up to do it.


        - Brian

      • thall

        thall - 2006-10-25

        Right now I have XRMS using LDAP for user auth,
        BUT what are the steps involved to make it an
        LDAP source?  As discussed here.

        • Brian Peterson

          Brian Peterson - 2006-10-25

          you asked:
          "what are the steps involved to make [XRMS] an LDAP source?"

          There is an LDIF export under Administration.  You can run this on a cron job that then pushes it into your LDAP server.


             - Brian

          • thall

            thall - 2006-12-23


            thx.  I just started to look at this again,
            How do you cron this?  how do you run export-companies-ldap.php from the cmd line?  do I need some switches?


            • Kenny Holden

              Kenny Holden - 2007-01-05

              I've not looked or tried this particular php script, but normally I would run php from the commandline with php -f somephpfile.php so in this case it would be php -f export-companies-ldap.php

              Hope that helps.

    • wpennington

      wpennington - 2005-12-07

      I do not know the technical details, but I have an LDAP with XRMS.  As a user, I use Evolution 1.4 with the Mandriva Corporate Desktop.  Within Evolution, I have the XRMS LDAP configured as a directory server. 

      Then within Evolution-> Tools-> Settings-> Folder Settings-> Autocompletion Folders, I have the XRMS LDAP selected. 

      When I create an email, Evolution pulls the information from my local directory, and from all of the names in XRMS.  It also looks up partial names.  For example entering on the To: line the partial text of "jo har" will provide results for John Harett, Jon Harmon and Johnathan Har, and match the partial first and last names. 

      I can also look up names in Evolution by clicking on the XRMS LDAP.  Evolution 1.4, it does limit the search to 100 names.  If there is a particular name or company that I want to find with Evolution, I could use Evolution's search feature.  I know that Evolution has this feature, but I never use it because I generally search for users within XRMS and not Evolution.

      LDAP setup and configuration should take you or your system administrator less than 10 hours (probably 6-7 hours) to configure, test and verify the LDAP configuration.  The LDAP makes using my email client easier.

      • Kenny Holden

        Kenny Holden - 2005-12-09

        Thanks for the info, thats what I will be aiming for.


  • Jochen Overwien

    Jochen Overwien - 2009-11-19

    Does anyone has a example for the cronjob?  i wonder how it works because you have to be logged in as an administrator to get access to  export-companies-ldap.php within the browser.

  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2009-11-20

    php /path/to/script/export-companies-ldap.php

    # whatever command you need to import to your ldap app here

  • Brian Peterson

    Brian Peterson - 2009-11-20

    apparently you can't put hash mark (pound sign) characters in this new forum interface

    it's a standard shell script.  pound band /bin/bash

  • Jochen Overwien

    Jochen Overwien - 2009-12-08

    Back from vacation. Back to work.

    And how the shell script can pass thru the line #9

    $session_user_id = session_check( 'Admin' );



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