CVS vs Available download

  • Aldo

    I have downloaded XRMS two months ago and started testing it and learning it for using it. I am planning to switch from two separate instances of SalesForce and SugarCRM (it's a mess to have two, I know, but that's the case) and I must acknowledge the quality of the work done in the XRMS project: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Here is my question:

    While using XRMS I came across a series of small problems, which, one by one I am sorting out by reading the various forums as well as trying to figure them out by looking at the code to understand what I had done wrong.

    Whilst reading the Forums I often came across the existence of a CVS version which improves the stable version.

    From the Forums I deduct that many of the issues should be solved in the CVS version but my (downloaded) version doesn't seem to have (at least) all the patches.

    1. Have I missed something?
    2. After installing the stable version should I have upgraded using CVS? (Or does the downladed package contain all the patches?)
    3. If using CVS is compulsory for having the latest contributions where can I get some hints on getting started on CVS? (I am working from a Windows client from where I upload everything to a Linux server. In the Windows machine I have full liberty, while the Linux is run by a provider and I can do very little)
    4. Once I am in better shape with confidence on the whole system I may be able to contribute with some improvements.

    Thanks for response,



      Hi, Aldo!

      Sorry for the late response!  CVS is a development version.  It is a product in flux as changes are occasionally being made to it and it is not endorsed by the XRMS team for production use even though at least some of us, on most days, feel it is more "stable" than the stable release.  In other words, it is where XRMS has gone after the stable release.  At the same time, there are still some bugs outstanding so, if you decide to go that route, use at your own risk!

      If you are confident enough to give it a spin, search the forums for posts containing instructions on using Tortoise CVS because, since you are on a Windoze machine, you will need the Tortoise CVS client to grab the current development build.

      I hope that helps!


    • Aldo

      Hi Ivaylo,

      Thanks for your message.

      I have seen that the CVS code has many bugs fixes and new features.

      Since I am running on the (old) production version I would like to ask a few questions before I upgrade to the newest CVS version:

      . Is it sufficient to upgrade the files or do I have to run the installation again?

      . What happens to the data I have in the database? (companies, opportunities, users, opportunity types, activities, etc...): will they still be there and usable?

      . has the database eveolved together with the source code (I suppose possibly yes): is there a list of changes to the database so that I can migrate from the old version to the new one knowing what I am doing?

      Thanks again for your kind help.