#436 Update: campaigns 2.


Of course I have run updateto2.0.php.

Even if I run a campaign

/ campaigns / edit.php? campaign_id = 1

and will then edit, I always get the same error message: There are no campaign statuses defined for the campaign type ". " Please define those here first.

then I end up here:

admin / campaign-status / some.php? campaign_type_id = 2

No matter what I call since the update, I always land there. 3 campaign statuses defined by me before the update. And each campaign has been assigned to a status. So there are no campaigns without status.


  • 360team.ca

    360team.ca - 2011-02-23

    Hi, helpfull!

    I have tested this again. If I go and delete all the campaign statuses for a particular campaign type, I can reproduce the error you are getting but that is precisely how it is supposed to work. I believe you do not have campaign statuses defined for that particular campaign type (campaign_type_id=2).

    Keep in mind that statuses and types that were defined before the update may not have quite the right data in the database - the campaigns code was quite messy before I started working on it.

    Try this:

    FIRST! Check if there is a table in your database called 'campaign_lists'. This is the table that was supposed to be created by the updateto2.0.php script. That way we'll know if the database update did what it was supposed to do.

    1. In "Administration > Campaign Types", add a new campaign type, let's call it "TestType".

    2. In "Administration > Campaign Statuses", select the "TestType" campaign type and add some statuses for it, for example "TestTypeStatus1", "TestTypeStatus2", "TestTypeStatus3"

    3. In real usage, for each status we should now define some activity templates but we do not need to do that just to test for the problem you are having.

    4. Go back to "Campaigns > Add New Campaign". Enter a campaign title ("TestTitle") and then select the new campaign type we created in step 1. (TestType). The moment you select the TestType, the page should quickly refresh and you should see the statuses we defined in step 2. in the pull-down menu. Hit "Save Changes".

    I reproduced everything I typed here while I was writing these instructions. Everything works! The only minor issue I see is that the campaign type string is somehow not displayed in the error message (it doesn't here either) but that should not impact functionality at all.

    Let me know how you make out!


  • 360team.ca

    360team.ca - 2011-02-23
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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