#14 optimization for handheld devices

Jay Sorg

this patch is my implementation of optimizing the login screen of xrdp for handheld devices (equipped with barcode scanner).
the ratio of the patch:
- changed the arrangement of controls to fit the standard 240x320 pixel screen of handhelds
- with empty password login is not done, and focus is returned to password editbox (this is for logging on with barcode readings: most of them end with a CR, thus starting the login with only the username field filled)
- made "default" and "esc" the OK button on log window (I think this is good for users' comfort)
- modified the xrdp_control.sh (it was working only when invoked from a shell which working directory was the one in which was stored the shell script): now it works also as a SystemV init.d file
- commented out kde and gnome in startwm.sh (in my opinion these are too big and "heavy" to handle in systems loaded with a great number of remote sessions)
- added icewm as a window manager (the one i chose for my work)

NOTE: the entire patch is wittten in the way that commenting out the "#define handheld_optimized" in commons/defines.h turns off the entire patch itself.

this patch comes from my job of implementing automatic warehouse accounting in the company I work for.
having had xrdp from the community I think that sharing my ideas is a good thing.


  • Jay Sorg

    Jay Sorg - 2007-10-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jsorg71
  • nicolar

    nicolar - 2010-11-04
    • status: open --> closed

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