RE: Welcome to Xserver

  • Anonymous - 2006-08-30

    i have dig into the source (just som few programming skills) and found:

    g_execlp11("X11rdp", "X11rdp", screen, "-geometry", geometry, "-depth", depth, "-bs", "-ac", 0, 0);

    ah - ok - more or less hardcoded for the beginning.

    ok, first we need functionality, features get in later :)

    btw, i`d like to tell , that using "-ac" is dangerous, especially without the user knowing about.

    X-Server listens on TCP 6000+DisplayNr and if you don`t have that firewalled to the outside world, the whole world will be able to read from / write to your X-Display.  give me your ip/displaynr and i will tell you what website you`re surfing! ;)

    jay, is it ok for you to open discuss such things here ? i`m quite used to with open-source projects.


    • Anonymous - 2006-08-30

      whoops - this should have gone to "X11rdp source for download"-thread. sourceforge forum is REALLY crap! mixing up posting inside threads etc....


    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2006-09-07


      Its ok to post these things here.
      -ac was recently added.
      I added it cause it was the only way I could get Xvnc to run in ubuntu.
      We should have these options in a file.
      I'm working on this now.


    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2006-09-20

      The xserver params are no longer hardcoded.
      With the latest cvs you can edit sesman.ini to add xserver parameters.



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