X11rdp with Xorg 7.x

  • kenny_hk

    kenny_hk - 2007-10-03

    First It really a great project for X to support multi-session.
    Thanks very much!

    I would like to use X11rdp in Ubuntu 7.04 or Fedora 7.
    Both of it are Using Xorg7.2

    Do you have any plan updating it to support Xorg7.x and xorg-server-1.x

    And also.
    I got some problem even use it with Xorg6.8 in Ubuntu 7.04.
    I have install both Gnome and KDE.

    Ubuntu 7.04 + X11vnc-Xorg6.8 + KDE :
    keymap is fine.
    "Shift" work fine also, but "Caps Lock" seem useless.

    Ubuntu 7.04 + X11vnc-Xorg6.8 + Gnome :
    keymap error.
    a->a    b->s    c->d    d->f    e->g    f->h    g->j    h->k    i->l    j->;

    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2007-11-03

      Lets make a repository to work on getting X11rdp working with X org 7.3


      • Matthew L Daniel

        Is this work underway, and if so, can the rest of us see this repository?

          -- /v\atthew

    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2008-03-08

      There is a subversion repository at

      svn co svn://server1.xrdp.org/srv/svn/repos/main/x11rdp_xorg71


    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2008-03-28

      I think the latest X11rdp is great.

  • f0g

    f0g - 2011-09-29

    Well, I have successfully to built the X11rdp-server, but when I connect to the server, I got a screen with so much mosaic, is there any guide for using the X11rdp-server?


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