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Can't connect to X11rdp: pam error?

  • wcn00

    wcn00 - 2009-03-11

    I've compiled X11rdp on opensuse 10.2 from the subersion repository.  I copied X11rdp to /usr/bin.  When I attempt to login via rdesktop it fails.  The sesman.log shows:

    [20090311-09:12:51] [INFO ] starting Xrdp session...
    [20090311-09:12:51] [INFO ] starting sessvc - xpid=31144 - wmpid=31143
    [20090311-09:12:52] [ERROR] another Xserver is already active on display 10
    [20090311-09:12:52] [DEBUG] aborting connection...
    [20090311-09:12:52] [INFO ] session 31142 - user xxxxxxx - terminated
    [20090311-09:16:26] [INFO ] scp thread on sck 5 started successfully

    the system log contains:
    Mar 11 09:16:26 cheetah sesman: pam_unix(sesman:auth): check pass; user unknown
    Mar 11 09:16:26 cheetah sesman: pam_unix(sesman:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=

    It looks like sesman is not providing correct args to pam.  However I can login via the vnc server using sesman. 
    Any ideas?

    • wcn00

      wcn00 - 2009-03-11

      Woops.  Xrdp USED to work with the vnc interface, that has since stopped working.  I do not know what I did to disturb it. 


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