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Jay Sorg
  • Jay Sorg

    Jay Sorg - 2006-04-03

    Code for building an Xserver called Xrdp is checked into the cvs now.  I've gotten Xfree86 4.5  working with the code and X org 6.8.2 will work soon.

    It's in the Xserver directory in the cvs.

    • Chris Ostler

      Chris Ostler - 2006-06-02

      I'm interested in giving this a go.  However, the Makefile sets up a bunch of hardcoded includes that I couldn't decipher.  I've also been unable to find any documentation on how to build/install/use this.  Any pointers for where to start?

    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2006-06-05

      I have a makefile I'll need to make available to compile it.


      • Chris Ostler

        Chris Ostler - 2006-06-12

        I assume you'll commit it to CVS?

    • Chris Prescott

      Chris Prescott - 2006-06-21

      Will Xrdp remove the dependance on VNC?

    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2006-06-21

      yes.  I'll make everything available soon to build it.


    • Jay Sorg

      Jay Sorg - 2006-07-01

      I checked in the makefile


      • Chris Ostler

        Chris Ostler - 2006-08-22

        I just tried again to build the Xserver, without luck:

        There is a makefile_rdp in the Xserver directory, which appears to have been automatically created, by the Xorg build process, I assume.  Using this results in an error (make: *** include: No such file or directory).

        There is another makefile in the Xserver/hw/rdp directory.  After adding necessary includes paths, I can get it to run a little.  However, it dies later ().

        How does one go about building the Xserver?

    • Chris Prescott

      Chris Prescott - 2006-07-04

      Will a new Debian install be available with the new Xserver?

    • Anonymous - 2006-08-11

      any advice how to compile and how to use Xrdp ?

      btw - what is the purpose of makefile_rdp ?

      had some problems to find the appropriate headerfiles - at least i can do a succesful "make" in xrdp/Xserver/hw/rdp - but there is no binary afterwards


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