ordoban - 2012-09-07

Hi there,

I'm using the xrdp incaration that's included in SLES 11 (more precise: 0.4.1-28.17.1-x86_64). The system is configured for german language & keyboard layout (de_de).

On the physical console (VGA/kbd/mouse) everything works flawless.

I've activated xrdp plain vanilla thru YaST. When I connect thru rdp from any Windows machine with some mstsc incarnation, it mostly works flawless, too - with one major drawback:

Any key that needs the AltGr key to type it (i.e.  | \ @ ~) work as good as not presse … there's no reaction. Any other key will do perfect. From some Windows experience I know that sometimes with NLS issues the keys need Ctrl-Alt instead of AltGr, but that won't work in my case, either.

How can I solve that problem ?