mabra - 2014-06-23

Hello !

I am using XRDP since a long time and know about some limitations
but for the most use, it is very well to use.

I have a new debian box wich is accessible trough xrdp.
I can connect locally and via xrdp and I have always the right
keyboard. Then, I install VirtualBox [via xrdp] and this looks
ok too. In VB, I setup a new VM and install debian. I do this
via xrdp.

In the new VM, the keyboard is missing the right mappings. Although
the host locally and via xrdp has the right keyboard, the VMs are
missing the right settings. I use a german QUERTZ keyboard.
It is not, that the umlauts are missing, but elsewhere mapped
keys like "/" [is dead, but works from numeric block].

If someone could explain, how this is possible at all, this
would me made a little more wise ;-)

I am mainly interested to understand this! What I do next,
is install a VM from the console.

Thanks anyway and
best regards,