Do not re-use existing sessions

  • tvoelkel

    tvoelkel - 2013-03-01

    Hello. I'm running a terminal-server on RHEL5 with Gnome2 and XRDP. It happens that a user randomly gets his gnome session hanging or crashing so no 'logout' is possible. When closing the RDP connection in Windows and trying re-login, XRDP continues the hanging session and the user is unable to use the terminalserver until I manually kill his gnome-session pid. Is there an option to make xrdp NOT re-use existing sessions? Or maybe an option to execute a little SH script when logging in through xrdp, so I can make that script kill the existing gnome session if it exists.

  • Ron Tidwell

    Ron Tidwell - 2013-03-01

    i am not positive but I think in the sesmam.ini if you set KillDisconnect=1, will cause the session to kill on a disconnect.. Although I would more concerned as why the session is locking up.  I have it had where a Java session will hang, but not the whole session.

  • tvoelkel

    tvoelkel - 2013-03-01

    That would be the perfect solution indeed.. but the manual of sesman.ini says that the KillDisconnected and the IdleTimeLimit options are currently ignored :(

  • Getut

    Getut - 2013-07-18

    I'm also having this issue. Its so bad it should be considered a security issue from a denial of service standpoint. If using this software in anything other than an individual user environment the user load eventually kills the server. My server never sees more than 8-10 users concurrently but over the course of a day it WOULD see 50-100 unique users, but it exhausts its RAM and crashes well before that because of all the hung open sessions.


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