#43 Major mouse and keyboard issues

xrdp (25)

I am using a Wyse thin client to connect to xrdp version 0.5.0 running on CentOS5.7. Initially, the connection is fine, but after maybe a few minutes, the mouse will no longer work. I can still move the mouse and my terminals around, but clicks from the mouse are not realized, nor is typing from the keyboard. I have 25 users all using the same thin client set up and half of them are experiencing these issues in one form or another. I have swapped out KVMs, removed KVMs, and swapped out all types of USB and PS2 keyboards and mice. The issue still persists. I have seen this issue reported many times and I don't see much follow up. This is a major issue with my clients and they are not satisfied with the performance of xrdp. Please help! Much appreciated.

Thin client: Wyse R10L
OS: CentOS5.7 standard install
GUI: Both Gnome and KDE experience these issues
Keyboards used: Dell, HP, Wyse (PS2 and USB)
Mouse used: Dell (older), Dell (new), HP, and Wyse


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