Modularisation value is wrong!!

  • Sébastien Reynaud

    I have installed xradar and i can start it and see the report.

    My problem is that thet MOD value on the scorecard-overview is wrong and so the ARChH too.
    I find that the information in the group dependancy-metrics in the radar_report_normalized.xml are wrong.

    I don't know how I can solve this problem??
    Somebody can explain me when and how is  this group created in the report ?

    • Sébastien Reynaud

      I also use xradar 1.1 on unix.

    • Nicolas  Dordet

      Nicolas Dordet - 2009-07-29


      Thx for the report.
      Can you give us something to reproduce your issue ?

      • Sébastien Reynaud


        If you want I can send you by email the source code and the radar-config?

        The bug is that the modularisation value equals 1 and with the xradar 0.99 the value is less that 1.
        I think that when the report is merged, the value of legal and illegal dependencies are wrong.

        When is the group dependancy-metrics created and where does xradar find the value of legal and illegal dependencies ?

        • Romain PELISSE

          Romain PELISSE - 2009-08-07

          Hi Sebastien,

          Thanks again to SourceForge for NOT notifying me of this thread ! Are you still experience issue about this ? I noticed you open a bug about something else, so maybe you fix your issue ? If not would mind adding a bug entry ?
          If you do, we'll appreciate A LOT if you could tweak the testproject, inside xradar to reproduce your issue (and attach to the bug entry the appropriate patch).
          We're planning to release rather often - well "oftener" - minor version of xradar 1.1.x series, I'll like to have a fix for your problem for the next one...

    • Sébastien Reynaud

      the bug is open now.


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