XQilla version 2.3.0 released

XQilla 2.3 is a major release that includes partial XQuery 3.0 support,
including higher order functions, relaxed FLWOR syntax, and private functions.
The XQuery Full Text syntax has been updated to the latest specification, and
many optimizations have been made.

Change Log:
* Added support for XQuery 3.0 version declarations.
* Updated to support XQuery 3.0 higher order functions, including
partial function application, function coercion, and function item
SequenceType checking.
* Implemented XQuery 3.0 FLWOR clause ordering.
* Implemented XQuery 3.0 FLWOR count clause.
* Implemented XQuery 3.0 extended typeswitch syntax.
* Implemented XQuery 3.0 namespace test and constructor.
* Implemented XQuery 3.0 private functions.
* Updated to the latest W3C XQuery Full Text syntax.
* Implemented Unicode word bounding and sentence bounding for XQuery
Full Text tokenization.
* Implemented XQuery Full Text case options.
* Implemented XQuery 1.0 second edition semantics for module import.
* Added the xqilla:explain() function to return the query plan of an
* Added xqilla:words() and xqilla:sentences() to perform Unicode word
and sentance boundary detection.
* Added xqilla:drop().
* Rewrote a number of the built-in XQuery functions in XQuery itself.
* Implemented constant time indexing into materialized sequences.
* Improved the efficiency of the tail call optimization code.
* Optimized boolean operators.
* Optimized DOMDocument::evaluate() calls.
* Fixed various bugs in static typing.
* Fixed various memory leaks in the DOM 3 API, and regular expressions.
* Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using huge integers.
* Modified to build against Xerces-C 3.1.1
* Added Visual Studio 2010 support.
* Build fix for AIX 5.3.
* Build fix for the clang++ compiler.
* Build fix for GCC 4.6.

Posted by John Snelson 2011-11-16

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