XQilla version 2.2.2 released

This is a bug fix release for XQilla 2.2. This release includes fixes for xlC compiler issues, a SIGBUS on sparc architectures, casting issues between Xerces-C 2.8 and 3.0, Windows memory bug when resolving a document or collection, a segfault when parsing a document in memory, transforming document nodes, and other fixes. This release also updates libtool to version 2.2.6.

Change Log:

* Fixed XQillaDocumentImpl::cloneNode() to return an instance of XQillaDocumentImpl.
* Fixed XPath 2.0 so that it doesn't recognize entities in string literals.
* Fixed a bug in the constant folding identity transforms for arithmetic expressions.
* Fixed a bug in the undefined context item check.
* Fixed the transform expression to copy document nodes rather than dissolving them.
* Fixed a bug in the static typing of external functions.
* Fixed a bug in fn:matches() with a zero-length string as the first argument.
* Fixed a couple of bugs in the debug API, and made it report exit() and end() events correctly.
* Fixed variable inlining so that variables aren't inlined into loops.
* Fixed a segfault when parsing a document from a memory buffer.
* Fixed a bug in XQC_Implementation->parse_document_file() that caused parsing to always fail.
* Workaround a bug in Xerces-C that can cause corrupted memory when deleting a mutex.
* Fixed a bug related to unsigned int/XMLSize_t type difference between Xerces-C 2.8 and 3.0.
* Fixed alignment on sparc architectures that could cause a SIGBUS crash.
* Fixed a Windows memory bug involving the URI used in resolving a document or collection.
* Fixed Windows compile warnings related to Xerces-C types.
* Updated libtool version to 2.2.6.
* Fixed some compiler issues related to the xlC compiler.

Posted by Lauren Foutz 2009-09-29

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