XQilla version 2.1.1 released

This is the 2.1 release of XQilla. This release adds support
for querying non-XML data sources, including HTML via
TidyLib, JSON and plain text files.

XQilla is an XQuery and XPath 2.0 implementation written in
C++ and based on Xerces-C. It implements the DOM 3 XPath API,
as well as having it's own more powerful API. It conforms to
the both the XQuery and XPath 2.0 W3C recommendations.

Change log:
* Added the xqilla:parse-json() and xqilla:serialize-json() extension
functions to parse and serialize JSON.
* Added the xqilla:parse-html() function which uses HTML Tidy to parse
HTML into XML. The function will not be compiled if TidyLib is not
* Added fn:unparsed-text(), a function from XSLT 2.0 which can fetch a
URL and return it as a string.
* Added an xqilla:time() function which outputs the time taken to
evaluate it's argument.
* Added src/xercesc_content_type.patch which should be applied
against Xerces-C 2.8 to fix an HTTP connection bug.
* Added src/xercesc_regex.patch which should be applied against Xerces-C
2.8 to fix a regular expression bug in fn:replace().
* Added project files for Visual C++ 8, including 64 bit build
* Changed the default XQuery Update revalidation mode to LAX.
* Fixed a bug in the lexing of element and attribute content in
queries that incorrectly rejected certain Unicode characters.
* Fixed a bug in external functions when used with modules.
* Fixed a memory leak in the FastXDMURIResolver.
* Fixed a segfault in XPath2ResultImpl if the results were only
partially navigated.
* Fixed a bug in XPath2ResultImpl where XQExceptions weren't being
turned into XQillaExceptions.
* Fixed XQilla to compile using Visual C++ 6.
* Fixed compilation flags to work under HPUX.

Posted by John Snelson 2008-04-08

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