R'umor N_e-w.s':
Onc.+ology M*e*d*. I+n*c+. (O_TC: ONC.O) a Can.cer Trea+tm'ent Soluti,o*ns Gro+up is s a-i*d to h_a.v-e
e.xperi'enced o'v_e+r a 10+00% inc-re_ase in re*v_enues f*o.r t-h e fisca'l 3.r*d qua*rter end ing J*u*l.y ,
2'0.0.7 co'mpare_d w_i*t h t,h.e prio'r y e_a_r whil+e fi-scal f.ourth qua'rter r'esults f_o r 2-0*0,7 a_r*e on
tra-ck to exc_eed t,h.i's year’*s thi.rd q'uarter res-ults.
O.N'C,O ad-ditional.ly p lans to in c_rease ser-vice of+feri ngs wh,ich a_r_e cu-rren-tly un-derw+ay.
Don’*t w+a_i t f*o+r t_h_e n.e,w_s to c-o.m+e o.u+t a.n_d l.o,s-e t h,e op. portunity to g,e-t in fro'nt of the
gene+ral i.nvesti ng p ublic. Oncol,o gy M'e,d is in a mu ltibillio,n do'llar indus+t_ry w'h-e-r_e
t,h-e y a+r*e gainin'g m+arket sh are rapid_ly.
C+a_l'l y,o.u r brok+er n'o,w f'o r O_N.C-O+.