#40 support for OpenArena


It shouldn't be extremely hard. It's plain old Quake 3 with a different master server address and different protocol number.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'm not going to add q3 mods as separate games. I can add the OA master though.

  • Leszek Godlewski

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    It's just about as much a q3 mod as Tremulous is (or even less - it's built from scratch), still the latter is included as a separate game.

  • Ludwig Nussel

    Ludwig Nussel - 2008-01-13
    • assigned_to: nobody --> l-n
    • status: open --> closed
  • Ludwig Nussel

    Ludwig Nussel - 2008-01-13

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    OA is ioq3 with patched name and icon. Anyways, master added for q3 in svn.

  • Mathias Steiger

    Mathias Steiger - 2014-10-21

    Please re-open and implement, because as of 2014:

    1. Openarena is not a q3-mod but technically a complete separate game
    2. You can't server-browse q3 and openarena at the same time if you misuse q3 in xqf to server-browse for openarena games

    Naturally, people who play q3 also are interested in openarena, because the gameplay is near-identical. But XQF forces them to choose either or without reason.

  • Mathias Steiger

    Mathias Steiger - 2014-10-22

    OK, I deleted the ~/.qf folder and now it shows Openarena as an option (I installed svn version after the extremely old release version). So everything is fine now, except that the protocol version defaulted to 70 but it is 71 now.


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