About the upcoming release


I plan to create the last release candidate of XPontus XML Editor in january. I am still working on the lexer and I am doing fine. After much pain, I feel like I can breathe again. There is still work to do for the new syntax coloring framework which will be based on Javacc . I don't want to add antlr jars as dependencies and javacc seems faster.

Here is what is planned for the upcoming release :

* Fix all the existing bugs
* Add all the features requests
* XPATH and XQUERY support
* Add the awaited XML code completion based on a DTD or a schema
* Add auto-close tags for XML syntax
* Show the XML code structure in an outline view window
* Handle correctly multiline comments for syntax coloring and fix some lexer bugs
* Use grammar caching for batch validation
* True lexer support for syntax coloring using Javacc. (html, xml, properties files, java, c, c++, sql, idl, php, dtd and xquery files are recognized).
* Add the basis of a plugin framework and get ready for a big code cleanup.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2006-12-27