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XPontus , a free java based, Open Source XML Editor

XPontus is out and now usable under Windows vista(invisible tabs). Usability improvements and stability were the main focus of the release.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-12-24

XPontus XML Editor is ready

Hi everybody,

The version of XPontus XML Editor(http://xpontus.sf.net) is out. XPontus XML Editor is a simple XML Editor oriented towards text editing. It aims to become the free alternative to commercial XML IDEs such as XML SPy or Oxygen XML Editor. The software has been entirely rewritten to support plugins, so most of XPontus features are provided as plugins which can be extended.

Here is the complete list of the major features :
* Modularity : XPontus is now built on top of a plugin framework to allow a modular development. Most of XPontus features are provided as plugins.
* Code completion : For general XML files code completion is built on the fly when a DTD or schema is associated to the document. XSL completion is provided using a DTD embedded in the XML code completion plugin. For HTML files, an embedded DTD is used to create the code completion database.
* XPath 1.0 support
* Syntax coloring is enabled for XML and HTML related files.
* XSL transformations (PDF, HTML, XML, SVG, TEXT).
* Check if XML is well formed
* Validation : Simple XML validation, Batch XML validation, External schema validation
* Code structure browser to display the hierarchic structure of XML and HTML files
* Code indentation is available for XML and HTML related files.
* File system abstractions : XPontus will be able to use file system abstraction which means that a FTP file and a local file will be look all the same to the application.
* Schema generation/conversion(Generation of DTDS, XML schemas, Relax NG grammars from XML files).
* HTML Documentation generation from XML schemas or DTD
* Installers are available for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix(FreeBSD, Solaris)
* Platform independence : As XPontus is written Java, it runs on most platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, FreeBSD, MacOS, Solaris.
* Drag and drop support, common editing features(print, etc.), control+pageup and control+pagedown to switch between windows.... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-03-19

XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0RC3

The last release candidate of XPontus was out today. Now I will focus on the development version of XPontus XML Editor which will take 2 or 3 months to be complete.

Thank you for using XPontus XML Editor

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2007-06-12

XPontus XML Editor Java Web Start enabled

XPontus has now a Java Web Start installer! I will be able to update the Java Web Start version on a regular basis.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2007-03-02

Hopefully, a freebsd port

I submitted a freebsd port today, I hope it will be approved. Do not download the zip file as it is the distribution for the FreeBSD port. The zip file contains all the java archives used by the editor.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2007-02-28

version 1.0.0rc2 ready

The last release candidate is ready. I am updating the installers and the documentation. I will spend few days building SOLARIS and FREEBSD packages. The french translation will be complete for this release. All submitted bugs have been fixed:encoding, schema validation.

The stable release will hit sourceforge mirrors in 2 or 3 months I guess. It will feature :
- code completion based on schema introspection
- outline view of XML code
- on fly xml parsing
- XQuery and STX support
- XPath support
- a better gui focused on usuability
- a schema generator/convert for xml, dtds, schema, relax ng
- a documentation tool for dtds, schema and xsl documents
- a plugin infrastructure
- virtual file system support... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2007-02-18

What's coming in february 2007

I am done with XML tag closing completion. I am working on XML code completion via schema introspection. I won't be that hard but it might take some time. I expect to finish the release this week and start testing the code.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2007-01-26

The next release will be available this month

The next is release is expected this month. I am almost done with the changes to syntax coloring. It is working pretty much well. I created the basis of code completion and I have a plugin infrastructure integrated now. You can check my blog for more details(http://yveszoundi.blogspot.com/).

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2007-01-12

About the upcoming release


I plan to create the last release candidate of XPontus XML Editor in january. I am still working on the lexer and I am doing fine. After much pain, I feel like I can breathe again. There is still work to do for the new syntax coloring framework which will be based on Javacc . I don't want to add antlr jars as dependencies and javacc seems faster.

Here is what is planned for the upcoming release :... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2006-12-27

XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0RC1

This is the first release candidate of XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0. There are now linux packages and a real windows installer.

Thanks to lots of comments, I tried to improve the user experience in that release.

Changes to Project Administration
* Moved the revision control system from CVS to SVN

Changes to the Code Base
* Spring is used as container and for IOC.
* Changed from simple object serialization to XStream to save user settings.
* Moved from observer pattern to JGoodies bindings for UI mappings
* Allowed the user to customize more settings(font, tab size, jtidy settings,etc.).
* Add a tree view to browse the XML code structure
* Added support for XMLDiff
* The API has been cleaned to reuse code... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2006-07-10

About the upcoming release of XPontus XML Editor

True lexer support and code completion are coming very soon. I am working on it and it is going on well.
The usability and functionality will be improved. The API will be partially rewritten to support plugins and ease code maintenance.

Stay tuned for the next release!

Thanks for trying/using XPontus XML Editor.


Posted by Yves Zoundi 2006-02-03

XPontus XML Editor Beta 1.0.0 beta 3

This is the last beta of XPontus XML Editor, a bug-fix version. Threre will be two release candidates before the stable version.. The installer now works correctly on Windows and Unix platforms.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2006-02-02

XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0-beta2

Release notes
- Added a new template for Docbook XML documents
- Added more documentation in the integrated help
- Added more comments in source code
- Fixed a bug which caused XPontus to run at windows startup

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2005-12-08

XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0-beta1

XPontus is a free java based XML editor designed towards text editing. This is the first beta release of XPontus XML Editor.

Main Features are :
* Syntax highlighting for xml related files,java,c++,perl,properties files
* Use templates to create XML files(User defined templates TO BE ADDED)
* Multiple XSLT processors
* Open files from remote locations(http,ftp)
* XML Validation and batch validation
* XSLT transformations with user defined scenarios(batch Transformations TO BE ADDED)
* Schema validation with relax-ng or trex
* Most text editing functions(open,save,print,find,etc.)
* XML code formatting and indentation
* DTD validator/Parser - WORK IN PROGRESS
* HTML tidy(Conformance to XHTML Transitionnal)
* DTD generation from XML documents
* Theme support and user preferences support
* Multilingal interface(english and french for now) - french translation TO BE COMPLETED
* Platform interoperability as the software is written in java... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2005-11-21