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  • Anonymous - 2011-11-09

    Hi there

    Is it possible to get build instructions on a windows machine.
    I am running xplanner-plus in our company, and trying to convince them that this is the tool to use.
    I am running 1.1a2, but would really like to run the newest code, since it has been a loong time since a release has been made.

    But how do i do it. I have checked out the code from svn with subversion.


  • Jason Jackson

    Jason Jackson - 2011-11-11

    hey trenskow, i can give you a hand doing this (or even just send you a war).  the thing with it though is i noticed with the most recent build there are some crashes.. the history seems to be giving me errors, etc.  i havent had time to look into the causes yet.  i'm in the process of upgrading us to the latest too and am actually running a pretty old version.  the tool itself is great (we use it for a small dev team to stay organized)

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-11

    Hi jrjackso

    Both would actually be nice. The chrashes, are they critical?
    The war file to get my up and running here at work, and install it on a test machine to see it
    And a guide to build i myself, then i could look at it at home in my sparetime, and see if i can do something about the error we see when used at work.

  • Jason Jackson

    Jason Jackson - 2011-11-11

    The easiest for building is probably downloading maven, then running a 'make clean install' out of the checkout_directory\xplanner-plus folder.  You'll probably need to set your JAVA_HOME, etc. but maven will complain with good messages.  After, you'll find the war in the target subfolder.

    As for the issues, this is what I've found, which to our group is a no-go for the current HEAD:

    • Trying to access history for anything crashes

    • If you are a tracker or customer for any stories, the Me page crashes

    • The metrics link is not showing anything. It's hard to tell during planning how much each person is signed up for

    • Disposition for tasks and stories added after the iteration has started are being shown as Planned, even though they're being added as Added and Discovered

    • In All tasks, sorting by order or story is crashing

    • The progress bar at the top of the iteration view isn't being filled in and stays red as well after everything is complete

    • I closed an iteration, and usually I can bump forward my unfinished stories. The HEAD in svn seems to just say there is no future iteration even though there is.  It didn't not carry forward anything

    Anyhow, there are more issues than I originally thought :(  I may start fixing some of these, but it's going to take longer than I initially guessed as a result.

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-29

    At the momemt i am running 1.1a2
    So ill stick with it until now.

    Is there any submitted version that is more stable than 1.1a2, that you would recommend running instead? I especially miss the functionality to move task or stories. I get "An error occured" when trying to do this.

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-29

    And another thing :-)
    What development enviroment is recommended if i want to take a look at the code?

  • Jason Jackson

    Jason Jackson - 2011-12-03

    What's the easiest way to get you a WAR? The version we're running doesn't have the multiple move, but moving tasks and stories works.  In fact, pretty much everything works.  Looking at our version number, I think it's 1.0b3 (we've modified it some. I think I manually merged the drag and drop stories)

    The development environment I use for xplanner-plus is Eclipse.  Check out a previous post I made describing the process titled: Getting up development environment.  If you run into anything, maybe add to that thread so others have an easier time getting going.  If you have any patches and want to submit them through me, give me a shout!


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