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  • Alexey Chernysh

    Alexey Chernysh - 2009-09-19


    We use patched version of XPlanner 0.7b7. I would like to publish patches if that is interesting XPlanner-Plus developers. Short description of changes we've done:

    1. Accounts visibility. Details can be found in XPlanner
    2. Sort users by visibility and mark hidden users as hidden projects
    3. Russian letters aren't shown correctly in XPlanner email notification
    4. Add 'Date' and 'Task' columns to the user's schedule screen
    5. Add table with people timesheet to 'Team timesheet' screen
    6. Send notification email to person who is responsibe for story if story is assigned to him by other person. If User1 creates story and assign it to User2, it is necessary to notify User2 that new story is created and he is responsible for it.
    If User1 creates story for which he is responsible himself it isn't necessary to send notification email.
    It is also necessary to notify User2 if story has been edited by User1 and User2 became responsible for it although User3 was responsible for it before (or there was no responsible person).
    7. Set new user story 'Customer' field value to story creator. It is necessary to fill 'Customer' field automatically. If user creates user story usually he / she is a customer for the project.
    8. Set new task 'Acceptor' field value to user story tracker. Usually acceptor is person who is user story tracker so it should be useful to set this field automatically when new task is created.
    9. Automatically select the first story in the same iteration when task is moved. When user moves task from one story to another the first story he has access to is selected. It is necessary to select the first story in the same iteration where task is now.
    10.  External users. Add flag to user account which will define if user is our internal user or he is external. Flag should be possible to change on 'Edit user' screen. It will be used for sorting and filtering. For example it would be good to have such ability on 'Aggregate timesheet' page.  Only system administrators should be able to change this property of user account.
    11. Add 'External' column to users view page.
    12.  Don't show external users on aggregate timesheet page. List of users to choice from shouldn't contain external users.
    13. Show daily timesheet for all people if nobody is selected.
    14.  Don't show external users in select story tracker and task acceptor lists.
    15. Notify tracker if story status was changed by other user from higher to lower. Tracker should be notified if story status is changed by other user from "Implemented" and higher status to status lower when "Implemented".
    16.  Profile page. Put table with stories for which user is tracker below the 'Planned tasks' table.
    17. On personal timesheet page move daily timesheet to top. It should be below 'Submit' button.
    18. Show action links at the top of screen. It is inconvenient to scroll screen to find links at the bottom of pages 'Profile', 'Projects', 'Stories'. It was suggested to duplicate them on the top of screen. The most important are: 'Profile' and 'Projects'.
    19.   Show story status in separate column on 'Profile' page. This should be done for the following tables:  Stories where you are the tracker,  Stories where you are the customer
    20.  Show story progress bar in blue color if its status less then implemented. If planning hasn't been done properly then finishing all planned tasks in the story doesn't mean that it is finished. So it is better to use status value of story to define color of progress bar. Progress bar is shown on 'View story', 'Stories', 'Profile', 'Accuracy'
    21. Add 'Actions' column for stories on 'Profile' page. It would be convenient to have 'Edit' button for stories like 'Edit' button for tasks. After editing 'Profile' page should be shown.
    22.   Add checkbox 'Notify acceptor' on 'Edit task' page. It should be turned off by default. If it is set to 'on' then tracker should receive notification by email that task assigned to him was changed. If task has been assigned to acceptor by other user notification should contain information about assigner.
    23.   Projects should be sorted by visibility and name in navigation
    24. Add 'Tracker' column to the 'Accuracy' table
    25. Don't change story tracker and task acceptor when story or task is continued.
    26.  Sort stories by priority, iteration name and status name on 'Profile' page
    27.  Change 'Description' field width on 'Edit story' page. Width of the following fields should be changed:
    'Name' 46 cols
    'Description' 82 cols
    28.   Add story type like task type. It should be used for new task initialization in story. For example we have persistent stories 'Planning', 'Bugs' and so on. It isn't convenient to change task type every time when new task is created. Type of story will be also helpful in integration with requirements management system.
    Default story type should be 'Feature'.
    29. Add ability to export tasks list as csv file on view story screen.
    30. Make first edit field on 'Edit time' page wider to be able to see date and time.
    31. Add 'Type' column to iteration stories list

    We've also implemented defects synchronization with SpiraTest (http://www.inflectra.com/SpiraTest/) although it wasn't done in flexible manner so not sure if that is interesting for community.

    Let me know if any of the above improvements are interesting for XPlanner-Plus. I could publish appropriate patches but it would be good to know what exactly patches are interesting so I could avoid unnecessary work.

    Alexey Chernysh<br>

      : https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=200710291430.13794.alex%40ardas.dp.ua&forum_name=xplanner-devel "mail archive"
      : http://www.ardas.dp.ua "www.ardas.dp.ua"

  • Maxim Chirkov (XPlanner+)

    hi Alexey.

    Thank you so much for offering us new functionality. We found it useful, and would like to ask you to post the following patches for us.

    and one more.
    As we are extending functionality, we would like to know your opinion, about the lacking features of Xplanner+.

    Best regards.

  • Rob Schofield M.Sc. MIET

    I am interested in 6, 28, 29.


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